“Simply Stunning Sophistication”n
nBy Design Interiors, Inc.
Designer: Cindy Aplanalp
Assistant Designers: Amber Reddoch and Erika Barczak
Photographer: Brad Carr

By, Jack Frink
nTexas Home and Living, March/April 2011

“‘Design is a living, breathing thing- it can comfort and offer joy,’ Houston-based Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, Inc., philosophizes.  ‘I always begin by asking my clients how they want to feel in their space and how they plan to live in it.  In this room my client wanted to feel elegant, and have an environments where she could connect with her daughters.  Therefore, with a soothing palette, rich materials, glamorous textures of silk, leather, fur and a mix of metals and antique mirrors we were able to create the space the client had envisioned.’”

“Aplanalp counts herself as fortunate because she was able to work on this entire house- ‘top to bottom,’ as she puts it.  This bedroom threw a few complications Cindy’s ways as the worked to completion; the couple wanted to keep their bed which was a big, brown and heavy wood structure.

“‘Technically, we did keep the bed, we just changed every aspect of it,’ Aplanalp reveals.  ‘Platinum leather upholstery was added with tufting and we changed the finish from brown oak to a very ‘glammy’ metallic.’”

Cindy, when talking to Texas Home & Living before, insists that, with each new project, she tries to never do what she has done before.  For Aplanalp, that’s ‘the best part of my job.  Tapping in to the uniqueness of the client for inspiration always allows for new techniques and design opportunities.  In this case, I had never worked with this mix of a color palette before, nor had I done a custom acrylic bench (which turned out amazing)- so that was an adventure.’”


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