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  • Holiday Decorating Ideas

    "Our Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas"

    November, 2010
    By Chelsea Bowen

    "Dazzling Table Decor

    Create an easy decoration for any table in your home. Barnhardt suggests gathering favorite ornaments, in colors that complement your decor, and mix with pine cones or pods into bowls. Photo courtesy of Cindy Aplanalp."

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    "20 Gorgeous Holiday Table Settings"

    November, 2010
    By Kayla Kitts

    "Non-Traditional Colors

    "Christmas doesn't always have to be green and red,"designer Cindy Aplanalp says. "You can extend your fall decorations into the winter by using gold as a holiday color." Cindy's holiday table setting brings in hints of Christmas hues, but allows natural tones of golden yellow and brown to shine through."

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  • Post Thumbnail

    Houston Business Journal

    "Renovation Rebound: Economy, residential market driving more homeowners to work with what they have."

    Week of October 22-28, 2010
     By Casey Wooten

    "Houston Remodelers are finding plenty of work as the still-sluggish real estate market is causing homeowners to think twice before putting their homes on the market.

    But still, the size of such projects is shrinking.

    Large-scale, ostentatious add-ons and expansions are few and far between, replaced by more practical projects that add to the overall value and marketability of the home, industry insiders say."

    See more of the article by clicking here.  Or pick up this week's Houston Business Journal at any local Randalls or HEB.

  • The Designer Next Door

    Cindy Aplanalp, By Design Interiors, Inc. wins four “Houston’s Best Awards” for greater Houston interior design.

    Houston, TX - September 18, 2010: Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, Inc. was awarded four Houston’s Best awards in the category of “Interior Design: Private Residence” in an award ceremony hosted by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) on September 18, 2010. By Design Interiors, Inc. swept the floor in the same category, being deemed “Houston’s Best” for five interior design projects in the greater Houston area.

    TheGreater Houston Builders Association’sprestigious “Houston’s Best” Awards have been recognizing excellence and superior achievement in the home building industry for more than 30 years. Formally the PRISM Awards, Houston’s Best recognizes builders, remodelors, design and sales professionals and the categories of People, Product, and Promotion. The judges are chosen from a regional and national list of respected industry professionals. The top three highest scoring entries in each category were designated finalists, with the highest scoring entry awarded the title of "Houston's Best."

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  • GHBA Houston's Best 2010

    Winner of Houston's Best:

    *Interior Design: Best Family Room
    *Interior Design: Best Dining Room
    *Interior Design: Best Bedroom
    *Best Remodeled Bathroom under $50,000 with Peggy Fuller of By Design Interiors, Inc.

    September 18, 2010

    At the GHBA Houston's Best Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 18th, Cindy Aplanalp took home three of Houston's Best Awards for Interior Design with two other projects selected as finalists.  Her "Champions Forest" residential design won for "Best Family Room," "Best Dining Room," and "Best Bedroom."   Cindy's project with By Design Interiors, Inc. owner, Peggy Fuller won Houston's Best "Bathroom Remodel under $50,000" and Peggy won for Best Interior Design, "Best Living Room."

    The annual Houston's Best Awards honor Houston area builders, remodelers, designers and associates for their work in the design and building industry.  Awards are given in several categories including, Custom Building, Remodeling, Green Design, Humanitarianism, Marketing and Advertising, and Interior Design. 


  • "An Exercise in Restraint"

    Kitchen Interior Design by Cindy Aplanalp, ASID Allied
    By Design Interiors, Inc.
    Photography by Erika Barczak

    By, Jack Frink
    Texas Home and Living, Sept/Oct. 2010

    "The Clark residence kitchen was featured in the September/October 2010 issue of Texas Home and Living. "Its heartbreaking when a builder leaves a project halfway through a project.  That sad eventuality is what faced the homeowners of this luxurious kitchen in Houston near Memorial Park for seven stagnant months. Luckily for them, Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors came to the rescue.  She introduced the clients to William Shaw and Associates who accepted the daunting task of completing this project. This kitchen is a story of triumph over adversity."

  • Design Happens

    August 3, 2010
    By Karli Sanders 

    Throughout the past seven months, I have been consistently uploading my design projects to HGTV's "Rate My Space" and "Designer's Portfolio."  HGTV has provided an incredible outlet for design and a place for designers and non-designers to share, consult and interact.  These outlets have allowed my spaces to be seen, rated and commented on by thousands of people all over the United States.  The amazing praise and constructive criticism have been essential in my growth as a designer. 

    When asked to do an interview to be highlighted as a designer on HGTV"s blog, Design Happens, I was thrilled.  The blog post was published on August 3, 2010 and highlights my design background, philosophy, styles and even a little personal info.

    Click here to read the entire blog post on Design Happens. 


  • "Plan Could be Green Element in Remodel"

    Houston Chronicle July 23, 2010

    By Cindy Aplanalp and Erika Barczak

    This article relates My philosophy of green design which, is slightly different than the norm- but just as friendly to our environment.  My goal every time I design a space is to create a room that will be perfect for my clients for years and years.  Instead of designing within a current fad, I try to define a style and incorporate functionality the coincides perfectly with the lifestyles of my clients.  That way, their homes, offices, outdoor living areas, etc. remain as functional and aesthetically pleasing from the beginning to end and only require minimal updates.   

    Read entire article here.


  • "A Sand Blast"

    Houston Chronicle June 11, 2010

    By Roberta MacInnis and Michael Paulsen

    The By Design Interior Ladies were spotted in the Houston Chronicle in their article about the AIA Sandcastle Competition in Galveston Texas.  The caption under our photo read, "Life's a Beach: Sixty-two enthusiastic teams competed for various honors."  We were incredibly enthusiastic with out fake mustaches, water guns and holsters, cowboy hats and cowbells, and definitely with our loud "yee-hahs!"

  • Houston's Best 2009

    2009 Winner of Houston's Best:

    Remodeled Bathroom under $50,000 
    By Larissa Caramanidis

    "A Cindy Aplanalp, ASID, allied, of By Design Interiors, Inc was recently honored with a ‘Houston’s Best’ award by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) Sales and Marketing Council. The Interior Designer received the award for ‘Best Bathroom Remodel under $50,000’ category.

    This bathroom transformation was inspired from the homeowner’s comment encouraging Cindy to design something that will ‘make my wife smile’. Taking hints from the wedding photos of the couple in Bali, Cindy transformed an outdated, uninspiring bath into a spa-like retreat for soothing the senses and calming the soul."

    Read full article here.  

    "Repurposed Space"

    Featured in Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Texas Home and Living

    by Larissa Caramanidis 

    "After moving from Florida to Kingwood, the client, a couple, realized a small home office area was never being used. The project began with the goal of taking the unused space and repurposing it into an “upscale man-pit” for the husband to relax and enjoy the wines he had been collecting on their travels.

    "For interior designers Peggy Fuller and Cindy Aplanalp, function must come first and the aesthetics can be layered in. If a project does not meet its intended purpose, it is not successful. Incorporating the couples love of Argentina, bottle count, display appeal, case storage, and the ability to maintain a 55-degree environment were all design considerations. Fuller and Aplanalp enlisted the help of William Ardon of AWP services to help with cooling, insulation, placement of the condenser, etc. Rudy Ardon contributed his expert carpentry skills and knack for creating storage solutions."

    Read full article here.

    "The Designer Next Door"

    Featured in Homestead Magazine, Sept. '09 

    By Larissa Caramanidis

    "Eclectic Style: 

    Most of us have some pieces of furniture that we like and want to use as we approach a design project. Additionally, the expense for starting from scratch can be a little overwhelming. Designer Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, Inc. decided to use an eclectic style when decorating her home. Utilizing in her design all the things she loves and has collected over time. As it applies to the world of design, eclectic style is a blend of furnishing from a mixture of sources and time periods. An eclectic room should feature pieces that have things in common to create harmony within the space; tying everything together by a shared theme or component. This is definitely not a hodgepodge or jumbled assortment of random items, rather a well planned and deliberate design style. 

    With furnishings that relate to each other in color, pattern, scale, texture, finish, and/or shape the eclectic design style is brought together. The color schemes used can be diverse, however, as a general rule, neutral colors are important both as a backdrop and for large furniture pieces. Perfect colors for this use include white, cream, gray, black, brown, taupe, and putty. In Cindy’s home, a “candlelight white” color is used on the walls and the window treatments in order to draw your attention to the other elements in the room." 

    Read full article here.

    “The Secret Language of Interior Design”

    Featured Houston Design Resource, Issue I 2009

    By Larissa Caramanidis


    "Most of us are not familiar with the language of interior design. Words such as space planning, form, scale, and depth sound like a foreign language to anyone that is not a designer. However, "every one of us has experienced being in a place that just feels like ‘home’ from the moment we walked in. Although we may not be able to describe why, we know that it is comfortable, or inviting, or simply beautiful,” comments Peggy Fuller, ASID and licensed designer #3904, of By Design Interiors, Inc. 

    Given that your home is more than likely the principal investment of your lifetime; the expert advice of a designer is priceless when it comes to creating an exceptional interior. As a consumer, it is sensible to be informed about the products and services you are purchasing, and knowing the language associated with them is invaluable. It is the job of a designer’s to transform a client’s desires into a plan and define how it will be executed."

    "Trust Me for Relocation"

    Featured in Houston Newcomer Guide, 2010

    By Cindy Aplanalp


    "Trust me, I’m a Designer…

    As a result of the popularity of many home improvement shows, Interior Design has become an area of interest to an increasing number of home owners. In contemplating your move to Houston, whether you want to build a custom home or purchase an existing, you may want to consider placing your trust in an Interior Designer to help you fashion a beautiful home.


    An Interior Designer knows how to coordinate color, space and objects to achieve your design goals. The designer you select will be able to assist you with everything from the blueprint stage to placing the last accessory. Enlisting the able assistance of an Interior Designer for your new home has several benefits. Working with a design professional early in the process can save you time, money, and grief by helping to create a cohesive vision for your space and eliminating costly mistakes."


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