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    Houston's Best 2011


    In an award ceremony on September 24th, By Design Interiors was presented with two GHBA Houston's Best Awards for residential design.
    The Greater Houston Builders Association's prestigious "Houston's Best" Awards have been recognizing excellence and superior acheivement in the home building industry for more than 30 years. Formally the PRISM Awards, Houston's Best honors builders, remodelors, designers and sales professionals in the categories of People, Product and Promotion.

    The 2011 Awards:
    Residential Interior Design: BathroomDesigner: Cindy AplanalpThe clients’ favorite vacation spot in Indonesia was inspiration to create the perfect couple’s retreat in their newly acquired bay front vacation home.

    Residential Interiors: Family RoomDesigner: Cindy AplanalpThis space offers a variety of lifestyle options, from cozy fireside seating in the family room, to the open engaged kitchen and eat-at bar, to the spacious dining area perfect for large sit down dinners and gatherings around the custom 130” dining table.

    2011 Finalists:
    Specialty Room - Study
    Designer: Cindy Aplanalp

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    Bright and Beautiful

    Houston Design Resource 2011

    By Design Interiors, Inc.
    Designer on Project: Cindy Aplanalp, ASID Allied

    Assistant Designers on Project: Amber Reddoch and Erika Barczak
    Photography by Brad Carr, bradforcarr.com

    "From curbside of this home you know you've arrived someplace spectacular, as a mix of modern lighting shines through traditional paned Palladian windows.  The two most important elements of this space are the flooring- a custom blend of Jerusalem travertine in a Versaille pattern- and the lighting.  "This caliber of lighting cannot be found in your everyday lighting stores nor can you reliably shop online," explains Aplanalp. The Spectacular lighting was selected after man hours of sourcing, sketching elevations and laying it out on the floor plan in order to determine how it would relate to all aspects of the space and home.  "I don't know what I would have done if I had been faced with the decisions and potential mishaps on my own- that's why I hired a pro! explains the homeowner.  Lighting is the icingon the cake for Aplanalp.  "I always do my best to utilize my client's budget wisely.  One area where they will get the most for their investments is in the lighting!"

    To read the rest of the article....click here!

  • "Texas' Textured Walls can welcome wall covering- After a step"

    Houston Chronicle April 10, 2011

    "These days when someone hears the term "wall covering," the response is usually a combination of goose-bumps and a "you've got to be kidding me" look.

    However, according to RueMag.com, wall covering never went out....it just went into hibernation for a while.  The wall coverings that are available today are not the wallpapers your grandmother (or mother) would have on her kitchen walls. There is a wide variety of beautiful (yes, beautiful) fresh, durable, textured and rich wall coverings that can enhance any wall in your home."

    "Although wall covering is coming out of hibernation, we are finding there is one hurdle that must be overcome in Texas: textured walls.  Almost every home in this state has textured walls.  Unfortunately, wall coverings cannot be applied to a textured wall or ceiling.

    If you have textured walls (and you probably do), don't lose heart. There is a solution; it just make take an extra step.  The surface will need to be floated out and smoothed over in order to apply a fabulous roll of two of the great-looking paper.  Although this is a solution to the Texas textured wals, this added expense can often deter people from selecting wall coverings. However, if you are considerings a remodeling project, it would benefit you to consult with a professional in order to help you think ahead.  As you acknowledge walls and ceiling thats make the perfect location for thie design element, you will be able to prevent the extra step and expense.  Make sure these identified walls are not textured in the building phases and they will be ready for the faculous wall covering you have selected to compliment the spaces.

    The following is a list of great spaces for wall coverings:
    *Laundry room,
    *Powder Room
    *Child'e bedroom,
    *Study or home office,
    *Your "fourth wall," the ceiling; or the backs of bookshelves.

    Do not let Texas' textured walls limit creative options when updating your space.  Professionals in the industry can assist in the selecting just the right walls to update with this once-said outdated design element and enhance the beauty of your environment."


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    2011 Bedroom Design

    "Simply Stunning Sophistication"
    By Design Interiors, Inc.
    Designer: Cindy Aplanalp
    Assistant Designers: Amber Reddoch and Erika Barczak
    Photographer: Brad Carr

    By, Jack Frink
    Texas Home and Living, March/April 2011

    "'Design is a living, breathing thing- it can comfort and offer joy,' Houston-based Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, Inc., philosophizes.  'I always begin by asking my clients how they want to feel in their space and how they plan to live in it.  In this room my client wanted to feel elegant, and have an environments where she could connect with her daughters.  Therefore, with a soothing palette, rich materials, glamorous textures of silk, leather, fur and a mix of metals and antique mirrors we were able to create the space the client had envisioned.'"

    "Aplanalp counts herself as fortunate because she was able to work on this entire house- 'top to bottom,' as she puts it.  This bedroom threw a few complications Cindy's ways as the worked to completion; the couple wanted to keep their bed which was a big, brown and heavy wood structure.

    "'Technically, we did keep the bed, we just changed every aspect of it,' Aplanalp reveals.  'Platinum leather upholstery was added with tufting and we changed the finish from brown oak to a very 'glammy' metallic.'"

    Cindy, when talking to Texas Home & Living before, insists that, with each new project, she tries to never do what she has done before.  For Aplanalp, that's 'the best part of my job.  Tapping in to the uniqueness of the client for inspiration always allows for new techniques and design opportunities.  In this case, I had never worked with this mix of a color palette before, nor had I done a custom acrylic bench (which turned out amazing)- so that was an adventure.'"


  • "Let there be light from the beginning"

    Houston Chronicle February 6, 2011
    By Cindy Aplanalp and Erika Barczak

    "Choosing the correct lighting during a remodel or new-construction project is one of the most important considerations when putting together a space.  Proper lighting provides the necessary illumination, it defines the atmosphere of your space, creates a particular mood and provides accent to your architectural style.

    Begin the project with your lighting.

    Evaluate your current lighting and determine what needs to be changes: Is it enough? How can it be better? Do you have enough control over it?

    Study a space you find to be well lit- what makes it function so well?

    If you are swapping out only fixtures, try a layered look by selecting pieces that will go together though are not necessarily from the same collection."

  • The 2011 Bathroom Design Special

    "Sensuous Master Bath Escape"
    By Design Interiors, Inc.
    Photography by Brad Carr

    By, Jack Frink
    Texas Home and Living, Jan/Feb 2011

    "This particular client found lauded designer Cindy Aplanalp on the ASID's website (asid.org) and was intrigued by her master bath renovation that won the 2009 Houston's Best Award (formerly the Prism Award).  Almost everything about this bathroom was transformed from an outdated, amost unusable space to a stylish bathroom retreat."

    Read full article here.


  • Holiday Decorating Ideas

    "Our Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas"

    November, 2010
    By Chelsea Bowen

    "Dazzling Table Decor

    Create an easy decoration for any table in your home. Barnhardt suggests gathering favorite ornaments, in colors that complement your decor, and mix with pine cones or pods into bowls. Photo courtesy of Cindy Aplanalp."

    Click here to visit HGTV's photo gallery.


    "20 Gorgeous Holiday Table Settings"

    November, 2010
    By Kayla Kitts

    "Non-Traditional Colors

    "Christmas doesn't always have to be green and red,"designer Cindy Aplanalp says. "You can extend your fall decorations into the winter by using gold as a holiday color." Cindy's holiday table setting brings in hints of Christmas hues, but allows natural tones of golden yellow and brown to shine through."

    Click here to visit HGTV's photo gallery.

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    Houston Business Journal

    "Renovation Rebound: Economy, residential market driving more homeowners to work with what they have."

    Week of October 22-28, 2010
     By Casey Wooten

    "Houston Remodelers are finding plenty of work as the still-sluggish real estate market is causing homeowners to think twice before putting their homes on the market.

    But still, the size of such projects is shrinking.

    Large-scale, ostentatious add-ons and expansions are few and far between, replaced by more practical projects that add to the overall value and marketability of the home, industry insiders say."

    See more of the article by clicking here.  Or pick up this week's Houston Business Journal at any local Randalls or HEB.

  • The Designer Next Door

    Cindy Aplanalp, By Design Interiors, Inc. wins four “Houston’s Best Awards” for greater Houston interior design.

    Houston, TX - September 18, 2010: Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, Inc. was awarded four Houston’s Best awards in the category of “Interior Design: Private Residence” in an award ceremony hosted by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) on September 18, 2010. By Design Interiors, Inc. swept the floor in the same category, being deemed “Houston’s Best” for five interior design projects in the greater Houston area.

    TheGreater Houston Builders Association’sprestigious “Houston’s Best” Awards have been recognizing excellence and superior achievement in the home building industry for more than 30 years. Formally the PRISM Awards, Houston’s Best recognizes builders, remodelors, design and sales professionals and the categories of People, Product, and Promotion. The judges are chosen from a regional and national list of respected industry professionals. The top three highest scoring entries in each category were designated finalists, with the highest scoring entry awarded the title of "Houston's Best."

    Read full article here.

  • GHBA Houston's Best 2010

    Winner of Houston's Best:

    *Interior Design: Best Family Room
    *Interior Design: Best Dining Room
    *Interior Design: Best Bedroom
    *Best Remodeled Bathroom under $50,000 with Peggy Fuller of By Design Interiors, Inc.

    September 18, 2010

    At the GHBA Houston's Best Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 18th, Cindy Aplanalp took home three of Houston's Best Awards for Interior Design with two other projects selected as finalists.  Her "Champions Forest" residential design won for "Best Family Room," "Best Dining Room," and "Best Bedroom."   Cindy's project with By Design Interiors, Inc. owner, Peggy Fuller won Houston's Best "Bathroom Remodel under $50,000" and Peggy won for Best Interior Design, "Best Living Room."

    The annual Houston's Best Awards honor Houston area builders, remodelers, designers and associates for their work in the design and building industry.  Awards are given in several categories including, Custom Building, Remodeling, Green Design, Humanitarianism, Marketing and Advertising, and Interior Design. 


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